The return of your favourite PREMIERGK gloves

PREMIERGK goalkeeper glove

Lets talk above goalkeeper particular, the lack of PREMIERGK goalkeeper gloves on the website. We managed to drop our brand new glove, the LASER ICE a few weeks ago but some of your favourites have been out of stock for a while now. 

Due to making some very last minute changes (My fault, apologies) we encountered a long delay at the manufacturing stage that had a knock on effect through the entire process. 

Our mission has always been to supply you goalkeepers with the very best goalkeeping products. After deciding to change our strap, we had to make sure we got it right! We hate seeing loads of excess strap, hanging off the end of peoples wrists so needed to get the length just right. Obviously this is difficult, especially when working on a product that has to fit a variety of different wrists.  

Hopefully you goalkeepers will appreciate these slight changes to our LASER goalkeeper gloves.

We are delighted to announce that at 17:00pm tonight, Tuesday 22nd August, we will be updating all of our LASER Collection online at

We look forward to welcoming back the PREMIERGK LASER RF, the NRG, the VNM and the PNK. We will also be dropping a brand new colourway this week, so watch this space!

As always, thank you so much to the PREMIERGKUNION for your continued support, encouragement and trust. We really appreciate it!


Now, lets get back to work! 

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