The PREMIERGK Story so far...

Why are we here... There are hundreds of glove brands!

By crafting elite and accessible goalkeeping products, we instil confidence, trust and a feeling that anything is possible in our goalkeepers.

We are more than goalkeeper glove creators and suppliers. We are innovators, team mates and coaches. We love the goalkeeping community and the GK Union. 

PREMIERGK was founded by goalkeepers to empower and support every level of goalkeeper, championing achievements and encouraging participation. Our customers and goalkeepers are important to us. We want to celebrate the highs with you and support you through the lows! 

We’re goalkeepers ourselves and we know how expensive it can be for you guys. After being sick of having to choose between spending a fortune or paying less on cheap, low quality pairs of gloves, we decided to join the game!

The story so far... There are a lot more pages to be written!
JULY 2018:

The dream of a 12 year old goalkeeper, in a design technology class, back in 2001 became a reality with the launch of our first goalkeeper gloves. These were the ContactV1 and ContactV2. This range took 12 months to design, test and release but we were blown away by the response of the GKunion! 


December 2018:


On the 22nd December 2018, we released 3 more models to the range and Santa was a very busy man that year, delivering the expanded range throughout the UK and Ireland. 

December 2019: 

We introduced our LEGACY range to the GKunion and it went down very, very, very well! Side note: Just for all the Karen's out there, this glove cut is a HYBRID3 and not the one beginning with a V and ending in a 3. 


October 2020:

When the world was dealing with an awful pandemic, most were in lockdown and football had been suspended throughout the UK and Europe, we decided to release our new range. Our NEXTGENERATION range dropped on the 25th of October and sent our website into a spin! 


This range was developed and tested over 12 months and has seen PREMIERGK become a brand that is now represented throughout the world in countries like Brazil, Spain, Dubai, Gibraltar and not forgetting PREMIERGK's birthplace Northern Ireland. 

Lockdown also saw us launch the very popular, PREMIERGK Podcast. We had great fun interviewing goalkeepers and asking them to share stories from their careers. We were lucky enough to interview a Premier League and FA Cup winner, a 'Class of 92' graduate, a Rangers FC legend who played in a European Final and many, many more great goalkeeping guests. The PREMIERGK Podcast is still available on Apple and Spotify and through this link. Give it a listen. 

On the 6th October 2021, after a year of development and testing, we launched our LASER range. This glove was a game-changer! As always we used the very best materials available, an original design (no copy cats here!) and our magical ContactPro latex. The results speak for themselves!

Initially we launched with the LASER NRG and the LASER RF and have since added the LASER PWR and the LASER PNK. We are currently developing a new colourway to be launch in March 2023. Its a good one!



Its fair to say that we have come along way since July 2018, and most definitely since Mr Burke's Design Technology class in 2001! Maybe we should buy him a thank you drink....or send him a pair of gloves! We will continue to bring you an elite product, we will continue to always #THINKINSIDETHEBOX and we will continue to make our gloves accessible to every goalkeeper!

2023 will see us launch a new range of goalkeeper gloves, updating our LASER range and adding some more excellent accessories to our range. It will also see us rebrand with a new logo, a new website (check that of the list) and add more pro goalkeepers to the PREMIERGKUNION.

We may not have been the original alternative to the over-priced, big-boys (you know who they are) but we are the best, most reasonably priced alternative there is. 


Notable achievements on our journey so far...There have been a few!

  • August 2018: Gareth Buchannan is the first goalkeeper ever to wear PREMIERGK in a competitive match for Loughgall FC in the Irish Championship.
  • September 2018: Alex Moore wears our gloves in the Irish Premiership. Our Irish Premiership debut!
  • September 2018: Ollie Davies wears our gloves in the Welsh Premiership for Llanelli Town. Another Premiership debut.
  • September 2018: PREMIERGK were represented by the England goalkeepers at the 2018 International SoccaFed World Cup.
  • April 2019: PREMIERGK goalkeeper Darren Jamieson and his Arbroath team were crowned Champions of Scottish League 1.
  • June 2019: Chris Johns and Jonny Tuffey join #TEAMPGK. Massive signings for us and they are both still representing PREMIERGK today. 
  • February 2020: Chris Johns wins the Irish League Cup wearing PREMIERGK. 
  • February 2020: We make our League of Ireland debut as Tom Murphy joined the brand. 
  • May 2020: We launched The PREMIERGK Podcast to offer insight, support and advice to goalkeepers everywhere. Our first guest was Premier League and FA Cup winner Roy Carroll.
  • August 2020: We made our UEFA Champions League debut, quickly followed by our UEFA Europa League debut...What a feeling this was!
  • September 2020: PREMIERGK is spotted on International duty as Gibraltar senior international Jamie Robba joined the brand. 
  • March 2021: Gibraltar International goalkeeper, Bradley Banda joins the brand. Bradley plays for Lynx FC in the Gibraltar National League.
  • March 2021: PREMIERGK now has 2 International goalkeepers as Bradley Banda and Jamie Robba are called into the Gibraltar squad for World Cup qualifiers against Norway, Montenegro and The Netherlands.
  • May 2021: 6 of the 12 starting goalkeepers in the Irish Premiership are all wearing PREMIERGK. A great night for the brand to have 50% of the league's No1's repping our brand!
  • May 2021: Chris Johns, David Walsh, Alex Moore and GK Coach Jonny Williamson lift the Irish Cup, all wearing PREMIERGK. What a night for Linfield.
  • May 2021: PREMIERGK Darren Jamieson is promoted back into the Scottish football league with Kelty Hearts. 
  • June 2021: Linfield lift the Irish Premiership, completing the league and cup double. There were 4 pairs of hands, in PREMIERGK, holding the trophy again that day! Well done Linfield...A great season!
  • June 2021: We welcomed Maddy Harvey-Clifford to the brand. Maddy is a Northern Ireland International and plays for Crusaders in the Womens Irish Premiership. 
  • July 2021: Antrim Senior GAA goalkeeper Michael Byrne joined the PREMIERGKUNION. 
  • October 2021: We have done it - the pinnacle! Bradley Banda makes his competitive senior debut against The Netherlands in a FIFA World Cup qualifier. He even saved a Memphis Depay penalty! What a night!
  • March 2022: 2 clean sheets in one week on International duty for Bradley Banda and Gibraltar. This International football is easy....
  • April 2022: Darren Jamieson and Kelty Hearts are crowned Champions of Scottish League 2! Great season for our man, DJ!
  • May 2022: Another Irish Premiership title for our boys Chris Johns and David Walsh at Linfield. 
  • May 2022: The Irish Cup Final is an all PREMIERGK affair with Jonny Tuffey of Crusaders playing against Ballymena United and Jordan Williamson. Jonny and Crusaders win a great final with both goalkeepers playing great! Another great day for PREMIERGK!
  • August 2022: Ipswich Town goalkeeper, Woody Williamson joins the brand
  • September 2022: Peterborough United goalkeeper, Will Lakin joins the brand.
  • December 2022: Premier League's Nottingham Forest GK, Aaron Bott signs for PREMIERGK. 
  • January 2023: National League goalkeeper Dan Lincoln joins the PREMIERGKUNION.